Review Of The Vernon Downs Sportsbook

The sportsbook at Vernon Downs is soon to be one of the best New York racino sportsbooks in the state, and after finishing this review of the Vernon Downs Sportsbook, you’ll see why. The sportsbook is not just going to be housed in some one-room, five slot machine “casino” in the middle of nowhere. The Vernon Downs Sportsbook is going to be housed in the historic Vernon Downs Casino Hotel, home to one of the most famous harness-racing tracks in the state.

Other New York sportsbooks don’t have anything on what Vernon Downs can offer. You’ll find the most competitive lines on professional and collegiate teams. Not a fan of New York’s teams? Vernon Downs Sportsbook will take care of you – whether its NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf, or even Auto Racing, you’ll be able to find a way to bet on your favorite events. Stick around, and later on, in this Vernon Downs Sportsbook review, we’ll tell you about all of the different ways you can bet on Professional and Collegiate events. We’ll also let you know about proxy betting, mobile betting, and the potential opening dates of a Vernon Downs Sportsbook.

When Can I Bet On Sports At The Vernon Downs Sportsbook?

You’ll be able to bet on sports at the Vernon Downs Sportsbook as soon as they open their doors. We hope that this will be soon, but there are a couple of things that have to happen before betting can begin. First, New York lawmakers have to pass an expanded sports betting bill. Next, Vernon Downs will have to partner with a Commercial Casino in order to offer sports betting.

Once that partnership is signed, The Vernon Downs Sportsbook will be able to open straight away. As their casino is home to nearly 800 of the latest and greatest video gaming terminals, they’ve got plenty of experience moving quickly to bring the next big thing to their customers. Expect to see a brand new sports betting lounge pop up on the expansive casino floor. From there, the Vernon Downs Sportsbook will be able to offer a multitude of services to its customers.

Does The Sportsbook At Vernon Downs Offer Full-Service Betting?

Vernon Downs Sportsbook is shaping up to be one of the best New York sportsbooks around, so of course they’re going to offer full-service betting. What exactly does that mean? That means that you’ll be able to place pretty much any bet you can think of at Vernon Downs Sportsbook. Want to bet on the coin toss at the Super Bowl? There’s a prop for that at Vernon Downs Sportsbook.

Want to bet on who the 2019 NBA MVP will be? There’s a future for that. If you can think of it, there’s going to be a line for it at the Sportsbook at Vernon Downs. Now, full-service betting also includes live betting, where you can wager on the game while it’s taking place. Live betting is a great way to make a regular game turn into the most exciting game of the season.

Ask about live betting options at Vernon Downs when you visit this New York sportsbook. If you can’t find live betting at the sportsbook at Vernon Downs, don’t worry. You can easily access that from any reliable online, offshore sportsbook like 5Dimes or SportsBetting. They offer a truly full-service experience.

Will Mobile Betting Be Available Through The Vernon Downs Sportsbook?

You will definitely be able to bet on sports from your mobile device, as well as online, through the Vernon Downs Sportsbook. This service is provided at no extra charge, and is one of the many benefits of betting on sports at this New York sportsbook. Creating an account will have to be done in-person at the venue itself.

Once you’ve created your account, you’re free to start using it right away. But sitting around waiting for a game to start – especially one that you’ve placed some bets on – can make anyone antsy. The good news is that at Vernon Downs, you have plenty to occupy your time. The all-suite hotel at Vernon Downs provides high speed internet access and WiFi for its guests, which means that you can take the Vernon Downs Sportsbook with you wherever you’d like to go.

Check out Ring-Eyed Pete’s Sports Bar, where you can have a drink and watch the game while using your mobile device to not only monitor your previously placed bets, but to also get in on the action as it’s unfolding through the use of a live betting feature. Munch on some food at trackside concessions and take in a race or two while you’re at it. You’ll be able to bet on sports from your mobile device using a Vernon Downs Sportsbook without using up any of your data.

When Will Vernon Downs Sportsbook Offer Proxy Betting?

We are not sure when Vernon Downs Sportsbook will offer proxy betting, as the venue has not mentioned anything about it since unveiling plans to open the Sportsbook at Vernon Downs. Proxy Betting is a form of wagering that would need to be approved by the legislation. As it is not in the 2013 sports betting law or the current bill in the Senate, it doesn’t look like proxy betting will be coming to Vernon Downs sportsbook any time soon.

Proxy betting is a service used primarily by sportsbooks when they are running a contest. Because the contests will last for a few weeks at a time, contestants can’t be expected to arrive in person each time a wager needs to be placed. This is where the proxy comes in. Instead of having to miss out on parts of the contest, your proxy places your bet for you. This allows you to call in your bet to Vernon Downs Sportsbook from anywhere.

Hopefully, this review of the Vernon Downs Sportsbook helped you understand why this is going to be one of the best NY Sportsbooks around. We'll be updating it as new information comes out, so definitely keep checking in. Until such a time that the Vernon Downs Sportsbook is open for business, remember that you can place your bets at online, offshore sportsbooks like BetOnline and 5Dimes.

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