Review of Tioga Downs Casino Sportsbook

Sports betting across New York became a reality when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was struck down by the Supreme Court last May. Tioga Downs, a casino in Nichols, NY, is now awaiting a license in order to open legal sports betting at its racetrack and casino. But what exactly will be available at this sportsbook? This Tioga Downs Casino sportsbook review will help you to understand everything that is in store for you at this legal New York sportsbook.

Is The Tioga Downs Casino Sportsbook Open For Business?

Unfortunately, the Tioga Downs Casino sportsbook is not open for business quite yet. While New York passed sports betting into legality back in 2013, the law was relatively limited. Because of this, they are currently working to expand the scope of legal sports betting in the state. A special session is in progress right now, and a senate bill has already been introduced that would allow New York sportsbooks to partner with one of the four commercial state casinos and open at off-track locations, giving residents a wider range of sports betting locations throughout the Empire State. This current piece of legislation that is being reviewed right now would also bring online sports betting to Tioga Downs, as well as to all of the New York sportsbooks. If SB 7900 were to get voted down, though, the Tioga Downs Casino sportsbook would still be allowed to open under the previously passed law. All they would have to do is apply for the correct license. So, one way or the other, Tioga Downs Sportsbook should be open for business and available to patrons sometime in 2018.

Does The Tioga Downs Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting?

When the Tioga Downs sportsbook is opened, it will offer full service betting on sports in New York. In both the 2013 and the 2018 bill, New York sportsbooks have been given almost complete autonomy to decide what kind of wagering they would allow. This means the gamut of gambling can range from traditional moneylines and spreads to the more high-risk wager types like props and futures. Full service betting will be available at Tioga Downs as soon as they open their sportsbook.

Is Online Sports Betting Available Through the Sportsbook at Tioga Downs Casino?

Under the current 2013 law, mobile sports betting is not allowed. Fortunately, there is another bill being pushed through the legislature right now that would widen the scope of legal sports betting in New York. This bill would allow for online sports betting to take place, as well as for a mobile sports betting platform to become available for bettors in the state of New York. The caveat would be that residents would have to create their accounts at the physical sportsbook before they can begin playing.

Mobile betting would also be geo-fenced, in order to keep NY residents from violating the federal law known as the Wire Act. This act prevents sports betting or gambling of any kind from crossing state lines. So if you are using a mobile New York sportsbook, you will have to remain within the Empire State’s border to place the bet. Cross over into a neighboring state, and you’ll lose access to your account until you cross back into New York state lines.

Does Tioga Downs Casino and Resort Sportsbook Offer Proxy Betting?

No, Tioga Downs does not have a proxy betting service at the moment. A Proxy betting service would allow a player to have a proxy, or stand-in, place their bets for them, no matter where the original player was located. New York sportsbooks are currently limited to offering in-state betting only. A proxy betting service would be a great addition to sportsbooks at Tioga Downs as well as to other New York sportsbooks as well, seeing as many people travel outside of New York for business or pleasure all the time.

In order to remain legal, Proxy betting services would have to be set up in person, ahead of proxy bets being placed. This would be a step into the future of legal sports betting in New York, but would definitely put the state ahead of the game if they were the first to introduce it. Perhaps once they’ve worked out everything to make mobile sports betting legal, they’ll be able to start introducing a proxy service to New York sportsbooks everywhere, including the Tioga Downs Casino sportsbook.

If you were to leave the state for two of those five weeks, and the Sportsbook at Del Lago Casino had a proxy betting service, you would be able to have your wagers put into place for you, rather than missing out on two-fifths of the competition and essentially losing out on potential winnings. There are quite a few racetracks that allow you to use a proxy betting service when it comes to placing pari-mutuel wagers, so I would assume that Del Lago Casino sportsbook operators would model their proxy service after those. Just like with mobile sports betting, proxy sports betting accounts would have to be set up in person prior to being able to use them.

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