Review of the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook

If you’re looking for a review of the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we will discuss everything you’d like to know about the status of New York sportsbooks that are connected with this casino. Located in upstate New York, The Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook is currently one of four that are allowed to offer sports betting in the Empire State. Below, read about the types of wagers you can place at this sportsbook, the status of mobile betting offered through the Rivers Casino Sportsbook, and what is coming in the future.

Is The Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook Open For Business?

The Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook is not yet open for business, despite the fact that sports betting in New York is now legal. The good news is that this New York sportsbook is expecting to open their doors to sports betting soon. The Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook must wait for licensure. Licensure won’t be getting issued to any casinos until the 2018 legislative session is over. The reason for this is because the current law on the books is quite limited, only offering sports betting at four limited locations (don’t worry, the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady is one of them!).

The legislature is currently attempting to expand this to include mobile betting and to give off-track betting locations the ability to partner with one of the four casinos in order to offer sports wagering at their locations as well, under the umbrella of the larger commercial casino license. Session is over on June 20th, 2018, and we will have a definitive answer on when the Sportsbook at the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady can open. Until then, keep checking on the status of your favorite New York sportsbooks here. We’ll be updating this page regularly so that you can stay in the know.

Will Full-Service Betting Be Available At The Rivers Casino & Resort Sportsbook?

Full-service betting will definitely be available at the Rivers Casino & Resort Sportsbook when it opens its sportsbook. The Rivers hopes to be home to one of the premier New York sportsbooks, and as such, plans to offer its patrons everything from spreads to teasers. You’ll be able to find a wide array of props, futures, and game lines for all professional sporting events. You’ll also be able to find a number of different lines and wager types for NCAA events. New York sportsbooks at the Rivers Casino & Resorts Schenectady do not have any plans to exclude any specific wager types. Of course, there will be limits on how much you can wager on a single line, but this is the same at nearly every gambling venue in the world. New York’s sportsbooks have every intention of offering a full-service betting experience to all of its patrons.

Will This New York Sportsbook Provide A Mobile Betting Platform?

It really all depends on what gets done in the legislative session. Currently, there are two sports betting bills being discussed, each of which that would expand the ability of New York sportsbooks to allow for a mobile betting platform. Patrons of the casino would have to create an account at a physical sports betting location in order to gain access to online sports betting in the state. After the initial set up, however, bettors would be able to access the online version of the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook from wherever they wanted in the state. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to use the online or mobile betting platform from outside of New York. This would create a complication that violated a federal law called the Wire Act. In order for you to leave the state and still use a New York sportsbook, you would have to use a proxy betting service.

Does The Sportsbook At The Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Offer A Proxy Betting Service?

No, the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook does not provide a proxy betting service at this time. This service would, in essence, allow players to call in their bets, no matter where they were located. There really aren’t any plans to install one of these services, either, even though there should be. New York sportsbooks would make quite a bit of money from this service. Think about it – if you had to leave the Empire State for business, but there was a game that you wanted to wager on, you’re potentially missing out on a huge payout.

If the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbooks, or really any New York sportsbooks, were to offer a proxy betting service, you would have to set up an account in person, in the same way that mobile and online accounts would have to be. Unfortunately, in order for this to get up and running, state lawmakers would first have to approve it through legislative amendments.

As there have been no such amendments added to the current sports betting bills on the floor, there more than likely won’t be any proxy betting services at the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Sportsbook any time soon. But of course, it could always be added on later, so make sure you’re continuing to check in on for all the latest on legal sports betting in the Empire State.

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