Review Of the Finger Lakes Sportsbook

The Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack in Farmington, NY is soon to be home to one of the newest New York sportsbooks. In this Review of the Finger Lakes Sportsbook, we’ll go over some of the basics that you need to know about the upcoming changes to your favorite local gaming venue. The Finger Lakes sportsbook is not yet open for business but will be as soon as the state legislature is able to pass an expanded sports betting bill.

With the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act now overturned, New York is free to pass whatever kind of sports betting legislation it would like. The legislative session still has some time left in it, and with a potential cash cow like expanded sports betting on the line, there are going to be quite a few changes happening very quickly in the day to day information that effects the Finger Lakes Sportsbook, and other New York sportsbooks like it. That’s why we’ve compiled this review of the Finger Lakes sportsbook – so that you can have all of the latest information right at the tips of your fingers.

Is The Finger Lakes Sportsbook Open For Business?

No, the Finger Lakes sportsbook is not yet open for business, unfortunately. But it should be soon, if everything goes according to plan. Right now, there are two identical bills on the floor of the Assembly and the Senate. The bills are attempting to expand legal sports betting in New York to include Racinos, Off-Track Betting shops, and Native American Casinos. The Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack is legally classified as a racino, even though it offers gaming year-round and not just during racing season.

As such, a Finger Lakes sportsbook could not legally operate in the state of New York under the current law. The same would be true for potential New York sportsbooks all across the state, and so the legislation is currently working diligently to fix this. The state first legalized sports betting in 2013, pending a removal of federal restrictions. Now that there are no longer any federal restrictions, they are free to act on the previously passed law. All they need are regulations. Before they get around to passing those, though, they are trying to break down some of the limitations that they imposed on themselves five years ago.

If this law is passed, Finger Lakes Sportsbooks will be able to open almost immediately. If it isn’t, though, we likely won’t see a sportsbook at Finger Lakes until 2019, or possibly even later than that. It all depends on when the legislation can agree on what the parameters of legal sports betting should encompass. Until such a time that a bill is presented to the Governor for signature, though, Finger Lakes sportsbook is stuck in a waiting game. Keep checking back with this review of the Finger Lakes sportsbook for any updates on the status of the NY sports betting bill.

Will Full-Service Sports Betting Be Offered At The Finger Lakes Sportsbook?

Full-service sports betting will be offered at the Finger Lakes sportsbook, when it opens. In order to legally operate in the state of New York, the Finger Lakes sportsbook will have to partner with one of the four major casinos in the state. This means that they’ll have the same capabilities as any of the large casinos in the state. You’ll get the best of both worlds – a wide variety of wager types and betting limits, without all the hassle of huge crowds and an overly packed game floor. Finger Lakes sportsbook is going to be one of the best New York sportsbooks around, so you should definitely expect to see full service betting here.

Can I Access My Account Through My Mobile Device?

You will be able to access your Finger Lakes sportsbook account through your mobile device, but it won’t be through an app. It will actually be done through your smartphone’s internet browser. You see, if the state legislature passes the sports betting bill on the floor, online sports betting will be legalized. This means that sportsbooks, like the Finger Lakes sportsbook, will be able to create a website for their sportsbook. So long as you have internet access and remain in the state of New York, you should be able to access your account through any mobile device. Online accounts will have to be created and registered in person, so that sportsbook employees can verify your age and address.

Will Finger Lakes Sportsbooks Offer Proxy Betting?

If Finger Lakes sportsbooks were to open today, they would not be able to offer proxy betting to anyone. Proxy betting is a service provided by the sportsbook where you can actually have someone else place your bets for you. This is used for ongoing competitions that take place over the span of a few weeks or months. It can be very hard to get to the sportsbook in person each time you need to place a wager, so when you can’t make it, you’d use a proxy.

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