Review Of The Empire City Sportsbook

This isn’t just some cookie cutter page with basic information about the sportsbook at Empire City Casino that will never be touched again. This Review of the Empire City Sportsbook is going to be comprehensive, in-depth, and consistently updated so that you know everything you possibly need to about this New York racino that is opening a sportsbook.

Think of this Empire City Sportsbook review as your one-stop shop for legal sport betting information. For right now, we’ll talk about opening dates for the Empire City Sportsbook, what you’ll be able to wager on there, and the status of both mobile and online sports betting in New York. We’ll also be keeping an eye on the future, and what might be in store for patrons of the Empire City Sportsbook.

When Will The When Will The Empire City Sportsbook Be Open For Business?

Hopefully, the Empire City Sportsbook is just one of many New York sportsbooks that will be opening soon. There is no definitive start date as of yet, because we are still waiting on confirmation that New York lawmakers have passed a bill that would legalize sports betting in the state on a larger scale than what is currently allowed under state law. Empire City Sportsbook would not be able to open under the current New York Gaming Economic Development Act that legalized sports betting in 2013 because it is a racino, not a commercial casino.

New York lawmakers are working on passing two identical bills through the Senate and Assembly with a little over a week to go before session ends. If there are no further amendments to either bill, they should actually get pushed through, fully legalizing New York sportsbooks to operate at Racinos and Native American Casinos, in addition to Commercial Casinos. Under this proposed law change, Empire City Sportsbook would be able to open its doors as soon as the gaming floor was equipped to handle wagers. Online accounts through the Empire City Sportsbook would also become available to New York residents, although the account would have to be set up in person before it could be used.

Legislative session ends on June 20th, which means that lawmakers have eight days to pass both bills. If they are able to do this – and it is a very real possibility – the bill will be sent to the Governor’s desk for signature. The Governor then has ten days to either sign or veto the bill. If he does not act within that ten-day period, the bill automatically passes and becomes law. So we should know definitively whether or not the Empire City Sportsbook will be opening for business sometime this year within the next few weeks.

Will Full-Service Betting Be Available At The Empire City Sportsbook?

When the Empire City Sportsbook opens for business, the plan would definitely be to offer full-service betting. There is nothing in the current law or the one being pushed through legislation that limits the scope of wagering in the state, so there would be no reason for the Empire City Sportsbook to handicap itself.

New York sportsbooks will be able to offer single-game wagering on all professional and most NCAA sporting events, and would most likely have a wide variety of wager types. This includes all the usual standbys, like moneylines, spreads, and totals. These are considered game lines, and can be found for almost every professional sporting event in one capacity or another. Empire City Sportsbook will also be offering a variety of props and futures. These are where the fun really begins. Alternative spreads and totals will also be found at this New York sportsbook. If you can figure out a way to bet on it, there will more than likely be a corresponding line at the Empire City Sportsbook.

When Will I Be Able To Create An Online Account With The Empire City Sportsbook?

You should be able to create an online account with the Empire City Sportsbook as soon as the book opens its doors. I know I keep referencing this current bill in the New York legislature, but everything hinges on it, and online sports betting in New York is no exception. The current law in the state does not legalize online sports betting, but this bill plans to. Should it pass, it will give the Empire City Sportsbook the ability to provide online and mobile sports betting to New York residents.

Residents who want to bet on sports online in New York will have to go to the Empire City Sportsbook in person to set up their account. After the initial set up, though, online sports betting in New York will be available no matter where you are in the state. It is our assumption that Empire City Sportsbook, as well as all other New York sportsbooks, will employ some sort of geo-fencing technology that prevents wagers from crossing state lines. Setting up your account with Empire City Sportsbook in person enables them to verify that you are of legal age to bet on sports in New York, which is 21 up, in case you were wondering.

What Is Proxy Betting? Will It Be Available at Empire City?

Proxy betting is a system of wagering wherein the person who is responsible for deciding what bet to place has someone else place the bet for them. This is usually used for ongoing competitions, rather than day-to-day sports betting. This system of sports betting is not mentioned in any capacity in the current legislative bill or in the previously passed sports betting law, which means that there won’t be proxy betting available at the Empire City Sportsbook just yet. As decisions are made by New York Sportsbooks, we will update this review of the Empire City Sportsbook and all that it has to offer, so continue to check in and see if proxy betting is in the cards.

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