Review of Del Lago Resort and Casino Sportsbook

In this review of the Del Lago Resort and Casino sportsbook, we will go over everything you need to know about legal sports betting in the Empire State. In 2013, New York lawmakers legalized sports betting through a very limited capacity, in the hopes that the federal law PASPA would be repealed. Now that SCOTUS has decided to do away with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, New York is free to allow sports betting at four of its Commercial Casinos, per the New York Gaming Economic Development Act of 2013. The Del Lago Resort and Casino Sportsbooks is one of four that can operate in the state as soon as they receive their proper licensing. New York is currently working on legalizing sports betting in the state in a much wider capacity, which would mean a full service sportsbook in Del Lago Resort and Casino as soon as a bill is signed into law.

Is the Sportsbook at Del Lago Resort and Casino Open For Business

Technically, the sportsbook at Del Lago Resort and Casino could be open for business as soon as it gained the proper licensure under the 2013 New York Gaming Economic Development Act. This law allows for four commercial casinos in the state, including Del Lago Resort and Casino, to open single-game wagering on all professional sports in the US. The hold up right now is that New York lawmakers are hoping to expand on the very limited 2013 law.

Lawmakers have introduced SB 7900, which would allow for the four casinos to open satellite sportsbooks at the racetracks and off-track betting locations scattered throughout the state. Lawmakers are also working on bringing a mobile Del Lago Resort and Casino sportsbook to residents, as well. The hope is that sports betting will be available at the Del Lago Resort and Casino in Seneca before the start of the 2018 NFL season. This page will be updated constantly, so make sure you’re checking in to this review of the Del Lago resort and Casino sportsbook regularly, to find all of the information you need to know about this book.

Does Del Lago’s Sportsbook Offer Full Service Betting

Yes, Del Lago’s sportsbook will offer full service betting. According to the currently enacted 2013 NY Gaming Economic Development Act, there are no exclusions of any type of wagering. Single-game wagering on professional and NCAA events will be allowed to take place in the state. The current bill in state legislature would also allow for full service betting at the Del Lago Resort and Casino sportsbook.

What is full service betting, you ask? Full service betting encompasses the full range of wager types, from moneylines, spreads, and totals, to props, teasers, pleasers, and so much more. Having full service betting in New York’s Del Lago Sportsbook will open so many doors for bettors, allowing them to get in on every form of action they’d like without having to travel outside of the state.

Can You Place Bets on Your Mobile Device in New York?

As of right now, you cannot place bets on your mobile device in New York. Under the 2013 sports betting law, Del Lago Resort and Casino’s sportsbook would only be able to offer in-person sports betting. This could change if New York passed SB 7900. This bill proposes allowing mobile betting through an app connected to one of the four commercial casino sportsbooks in New York.

If SB 7900 were to pass into law sometime this year, the sportsbook at Del Lago Casino would be allowed to offer an online and mobile betting platform. The caveat would be that bettors would have to initially set up their account in person at the physical sportsbook. Mobile betting in New York would be geo-fenced so that there would be no violation of the federal Wire Act. Creating the account in person would also allow the Del Lago Resort and Casino sportsbook to verify that bettors are of legal age to bet on sports in New York.

Does The Del Lago Casino and Resort Sportsbook Offer Proxy Betting?

As of right now, the Del Lago Casino Sportsbook does not offer a proxy betting service. This could be one of the improvements made in the coming months as New York lawmakers begin to work out the kinks and smooth out the details of legal sports betting in New York.

You might be wondering what Proxy betting is. A proxy is someone who does something for you when you can’t be there in person to take care of the task at hand. Proxy betting is when someone places a wager for you when you can’t get to the sportsbook. This would come in handy if say the Del Lago Resort and Casino sportsbook decided to run a 5-week long contest, wherein winning depended on having the most cumulative points at the end of the five weeks.

If you were to leave the state for two of those five weeks, and the Sportsbook at Del Lago Casino had a proxy betting service, you would be able to have your wagers put into place for you, rather than missing out on two-fifths of the competition and essentially losing out on potential winnings. There are quite a few racetracks that allow you to use a proxy betting service when it comes to placing pari-mutuel wagers, so I would assume that Del Lago Casino sportsbook operators would model their proxy service after those. Just like with mobile sports betting, proxy sports betting accounts would have to be set up in person prior to being able to use them at New York sportsbooks.

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