Where Can I Bet On Sports In Saratoga Springs, New York?

The Saratoga Casino Hotel is the premier wagering facility in Saratoga Springs. It will also be the home of any potential Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks, should the state choose to legalize sports betting at New York Racinos. As they are currently working on doing just that in the state legislature, I would expect to see sports betting in the Saratoga Casino hotel sooner rather than later.

The Saratoga Casino Hotel should not be confused with the Saratoga Race Course, which is a thoroughbred racetrack that is located across the street. Don't get me wrong, Saratoga Springs is home to both race courses, but only one will be the site of a Saratoga Springs Sportsbook, and that is the Casino Hotel. On this page, we’ll give you all of the information you’ll need to know about the coming changes to Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks.

With everything up in the air about sports betting in New York right now, we’ve created this page not only to help you learn more about where you can bet on sports in Saratoga Springs but also what you can bet on and when it will be available. Basically, we’re just here to make everything about Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks as clear and easy to understand as possible.

A History Of The Saratoga Casino Hotel

Saratoga Casino Hotel was originally known as the Saratoga Raceway. Established in 1941, it made a name for itself as one of the first harness racing facilities to offer pari-mutuel wagering. In 2004, Saratoga Raceway became the first racing facility in New York to open casino-style gaming. They changed their name to reflect the change in gambling style, and officially became Saratoga Gaming and Raceway. They would go through a few more name changes before the Saratoga Casino Hotel was settled upon in 2016, when the Hotel was opened. Maybe we’ll be in for another name change when Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks are allowed to operate here.

The city motto of Saratoga Springs is “Health, History, and Horses”. Expect to see a repeat of history in the next few months, as Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks works to become the first to offer legal sports betting in the area. With such a rich history of pari-mutuel wagering and an established casino floor, Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks are destined to do well in this beautiful city.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Saratoga Springs?

Now, the city’s main focus when it came to “sports” was horse racing, both harness and thoroughbred racing. And while Saratoga Springs is home to a great many things, they do not yet have any professional sports teams based in the city. But that won’t stop you from being able to wager on any of your favorite New York that won’t stop you from being able to wager on whatever team you’d like. Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks will be covering all professional sporting events, and almost every NCAA Division I event as well.

When Can I Bet On Sports In Saratoga Springs?

You’ll be able to bet on sports in Saratoga Springs when the state legislature passes an expanded sports betting bill. The bill in question is now sitting in committees in both the Senate and Assembly. If it can pass through both houses of the legislation without any major amendments, it should find itself on the Governor’s desk before the end of legislative session, which is June 20th.

Governor Cuomo has 10 days – not counting Sundays – from the time it is sent to him to either sign or veto the bill. If he does not take any action towards the bill and the ten days expire, the bill automatically becomes law. So let’s say he takes the full ten days and either signs it on the last day or just lets it pass into law without taking action – that would mean sports betting is legal by June 30th by the latest.

Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks would just have to create a partnership with one of the four commercial casinos in the state, and would then be free to open for business. Feasibly, we could be seeing sports betting in Saratoga Springs by the end of the summer. That would mean New York sportsbooks may be open before football season – both professional and collegiate. Even if they take some time to work out the partnerships, Saratoga Springs Sportsbooks are sure to be up and running before baseball season. Who would willingly miss out on the action that the Yankees-Mets Rivalry is sure to drum up?

What Is There To Do Besides Bet On Sports In Saratoga Springs New York?

Saratoga Casino Hotel runs one of the best Harness racing tracks in the state. They have also successfully been running a casino floor since 2004. This racino now boasts more than 1,700 video lottery games. You can play the latest slot games or all of your classic favorites. More of a table game fan? You can find fully automated versions of your favorite table games at the Saratoga Casino Hotel, open and waiting for you every day of the week, from 9 am to 5 am.

Harness Racing season takes place from February to December, and Saratoga Casino Hotel has pari-mutuel wagering on both live races and simulcast races. If you’re looking for a thoroughbred racing event, cross the street and head to Saratoga Race Course. You’ll get the best of everything, being able to wager on sports at the Saratoga Springs Sportsbook, harness racing at the Casino Hotel, and thoroughbred racing at the Race Course.

After a busy day of wagering at the casino, track, or sportsbook, you’ll be able to unwind for a nice meal at one of the exquisite dining facilities at the Saratoga Casino Hotel. Saratoga Springs is also known as “Spa Country”, and is home to many luxuriously indulgent spas for you to choose from. There’s so much to do in Saratoga Springs. The Saratoga Springs Sportsbook is just one of many great attractions in the area.


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