Where To Bet On Sports In Islandia, New York

If you’re looking for New York casinos that are opening sportsbooks and you live in the Long Island area, you should definitely be focusing your attention on Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino. This current video lottery facility is perfectly poised to open a sportsbook in Islandia. Jake's is top of the line and has been providing both residents and visitors to the area with unforgettable gambling opportunities. And now, with the federal restrictions on sports betting finally being knocked down, it looks like Islandia sportsbooks will be just one of the many New York sportsbooks that open in the near future.

What is Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino and What Does It Have To Do With Sportsbooks in Islandia?

Tucked away in Suffolk County, Islandia is a small city off of the Long Island Expressway that is home to Jake's 58, a video lottery gaming facility that is potentially a source of legal New York sports betting in the nearby future. The small city’s main source of business is Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino. The video gaming facility provides residents and tourists to the area with over 1,000 video gaming machines. Jake’s has been offering the city of Islandia fun and legal gambling opportunities since February 2017. A boon to the struggling New York OTB economy, Jake’s has been a huge success during its short tenure, and promises to be an even bigger hit should it become one of the New York casinos that opens a sportsbook.

If legal sports betting were to take place in Islandia, sportsbooks would have to be run through Jake’s casino. This would mean obtaining a license from the New York Gaming Commission, a possible expansion to the gaming floor, and hiring new staff, most of which would boost revenue for the still-struggling economy. But gaining the proper licensing and equipment in order to open a sportsbook in Islandia is not the only hurdle that Jake’s is going to have to face, though. They still have to wait on a legislative decision regarding the expansion of New York sportsbooks across the state.

When Will Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino in Islandia Have Sports Betting?

As of right now, Jake’s 58 sportsbook is not yet a reality, and so we do not know exactly when Jake’s 58 in Islandia will have sports betting. There is a bill that has been introduced to the legislation that would allow for places like Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino to offer legal sports betting within the next few months if it is passed and signed into law. But that’s a big “if”, with the odds of an Islandia sportsbook opening any time soon growing longer with each passing day. The 2018 legislative session is over on June 20th, giving lawmakers just nine days to pass the bill through both houses and get it signed.

You may be wondering why Islandia sportsbooks aren’t already a reality since New York legalized sports betting back in 2013. The New York Gaming Economic Development Act of 2013 did legalize sports betting in New York, but it only did so in a limited capacity. That law gave four commercial casinos the ability to open legal New York sportsbooks, but restricted anyone else from offering the same thing. Jake’s 58 is technically a video lottery facility, not a commercial casino as defined by the law, and so Jake’s 58 sportsbook is technically not a legal possibility as of yet.

For now, Islandia residents and visitors will have to wait and see if Jake’s 58 is a New York casino that opens a sportsbook. If lawmakers can get their act together, this location would be a great way for Islandia sportsbooks to make a splash, giving a boost to local economies and offering residents of the area an even greater gambling experience.

What Can I Do At Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino While I Wait For Sports Betting?

While Jake’s 58 sportsbook is not a reality yet, there is still plenty to do in the city. This casino boasts over 1,000 video lottery terminals, giving patrons a truly varied gambling experience. Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino offers slots, table games, and even video dice games. The facility is also home to a number of restaurants that provide delicious dining experiences. Stop in at Bistro 58, where you’ll be in for a culinary treat. The hotel itself offers free high-speed internet access and a state of the art fitness center. The city also provides a great number of entertainments fit for the whole family, with a Dave & Buster’s, a couple of escape rooms, and several scenic state parks nearby. You’ll definitely have plenty to occupy you while you’re waiting for an Islandia sportsbook to open up.

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